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Monday, July 14, 2008

Karin Stanford Did NOT Give Najee Ali, EURWEB, or NPR Permission to Exploit Her Child

Someone purporting to be Karin Stanford has responded to our post What About Jesse Jackson's Daughter? Where we expressed our concern about "activist" Najee Ali, using Jesse Jackson's ten year old daughter's name and image in a attack on Jackson. Being the narcissist and control freak that he appears to be, this was his response to our concerns:

I guess people must have forgot the interview that Dr Karin Stanford and her daughter did with Connie Chung on national T.V. with 20/20. Karin wasnt going to hide her daughter and the truth then and wont do it now.Since I speak them to them on a regular basis including today Were all good.Najee Ali

People like you pretend to care about Karin and the welfare of the child but dont know or have never even met them .It was me and others who were there for them and never turned our back on them.But that's not unusual for me.I have a long 15year history of being at the forefront in L.A.of defending Black girls and woman. Sometimes people dont like the tactics but my heart is in the right place is yours?

Notice how excuses his exploitation of young Black girls because his "heart is in the right place."

Well sometime today we got the following comment from someone identifying themselves as Karin Stanford. Her comment is corroborated by the fact that EURWeb has removed the photo of her child although the little girl's full name and the tawdry, unsubstantiated details from Ali remain.

I have just become aware of this site, and I am so pleased that someone took the initiative to challenge the misrepresentations of black women and girls in the media and society. Unfortuately, my awareness is the result of some aggregious comments that I must respond to. I am only responding because of the nature of purpose of this site, of which I hope to contribute one day.

Let me be clear, no one speaks for me. I can do that quite well, if prompted. I had no idea that my daughter's picture was on the EUR website, or any other. When I found out today, I was mortified and demanded that it be removed! My goal has always been to protect my daughter from the vicious comments made about her father and me.

For those of you who express concerns about her welfare, they are greatly appreciated. For those who gain joy from judging other people's lives, then I will pray for you.

In the end, I just want my daughter to grow up respecting her dad and me, for the work we have tried to do to help our community and for loving and protecting her.

I hope this site will be used to promote the well being of black women and girls, not for petty namecalling and personal attacks.

Karin L. Stanford
Well that is reassuring. I was beginning to question the judgement of anyone who would confide in or trust this man appearing to have major deficiencies in judgement. So that basically rebuts Najee Ali's assertions. Najee Ali, the next time you decide to take on Jesse Jackson, do it like a man and have the testicular fortitude not to hide behind the pigtails of a ten year old Black girl.

As far as I am concerned, this discussion is over. The comments are now closed. Move along. EURWEB establish some policy about publishing the photographs of minors without their parent's permission because you can't trust this man.

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