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Friday, August 8, 2008

Black Love: Tamela and David Mann Edition

We take a temporary pause from all the mayhem and foolishness to put some Black Love on display. I know CNN wants y'all to believe that we have the suckiest lives on planet Earth, but there are some folk sout there who managed to snatch happiness fromthe jaws of despair. Soledad Obrien must have overlooked these two. Another blogger wrote a side-splittingly funny post about one of the actors who frequently appear in Tyler Perry theatrical productions and got me to thinking about one of my favorite singers, Tamela Mann so I YouTubed her and found this clip of Tamela and her husband David talking about the first time they met and what is like to work together. They made me smile. I see couples like this everywhere EXCEPT Television.

For all you ESSENCE.com readers who voted repeatedly in that dadgum "Do Right Man- Gurl Get Cho Ring Befo' Spring" Competition, Black love tends not to be baby oiled down,hairless, and airbrushed within an inch of its life. It looks something like this--Two people who enjoy each other's company.
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