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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

50 Cent Poised for World Domination - G-Unit to sell Hot Sauce and Pre-rinsed Collard Greens

It is official folks. I keep telling y'all that the Hip Hop revolution is OVA. They won the revolution and now Russell Simmons and his minions are aiming for world domination. Like a virus, commercial Hip Hop has invaded and infected every crevice of American life. Music? Check. Television? Check. Fashion? Check. Politics? Check. Sports? Check. Vitamin Water? Check. Toys? Check. Now apparently they are destined to overtake the literary world. Oprah's book club is next. Yes folks, they are expanding their book publishing. One of our favorite First Amendment Advocates, 50 Cent has expanded his G-Unit Books. Langston Hughes would be so proud.

Meta Smith, author of the blockbuster novels "The Rolexxx Club" (Warner Books, July 2006) and "Queen of Miami" (Warner Books, March 2007) is the latest
author to sign with entrepreneur, multi-platinum selling rapper, and New York
Times Bestselling author 50 Cent's G-Unit Books.

I love this quote from the press release:
Dubbed the "Queen of Bling Fiction", Smith was selected to write for G-Unit
for her sophisticated voice and cinematic depictions of urban life.

You can't tell me that Hip Hop is the voice of rebellion. It is as mainstream as yellow school buses. Just you wait. 50 cent will be selling hot sauce and pre rinsed frozen collard greens next. y'all laugh.

In all seriousness, in about 10 years we are going to wake up like so many people in many parts of the world and wonder " How the heck did we let this happen?" I could cite numerous instances where evil, totalatarian, blood-thirsty regimes take over and start to slaughter people and thrust civil society into a downward spiral. In each one of those cases, there was a point where good people could have stood up and said "No!" but didn't. The Earth bears the mass graves to prove what happens when good people do nothing. This is not a game. This is not just about banging beats. This commercial Hip Hop culture and all that it embraces and promotes:prision culture, drug cultute, pimp culture, violence towards women, anti marriage ( which is anti woman, and having as many out of wedlock children as you can find wombs to hold is not interested in remaining within the entertainment industry, they have said and are proving daily that they want to spread their culture to ever aspect of American society.

When I named this site What About Out Daughters? I meant it! What about them? What is the world going to look like when the values of commercial Hip Hop are dominant in all aspects of American life? Do you really want the country controlled by devotees of The Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection? Have we reached a point of no return?

Take some time to go over the African American Opinion and read what they are trying to do to spread the " Stop Listening to Trash" billboard campaign.