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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

TMZ Attacks Black Women at BET Awards. Should I care?

I am torn folks. So very. very. torn. I vowed not to mention the Black Exploitation Television awards on THIS blog, but then in my weekly Google search for blog postings about Black women, I ran across this post. By Jasmyne ( Great blog by the way!) called TMZ.com Host to Online Race War Over BET Music Awards Write Up...Beyonce Performance Labeled as "Roboho". I too read this TMZ post called BET Fashion Fright Night about the fashion selections at the BET. I was tempted not to link to Jasmyne's post because ( and I feel bad about it) I didn't have any sympathy for those who chose to attend that exhibition of foolishness.

Personally, I was more disturbed by this post about Serena Williams where they imply that a Black female professional athlete is inhuman and some type of "extremely dangerous" cyborg.

Jasmyne is also disturbed by the comments on the thread about the BET fashions, but I am more concerned about the comments on the thread about Serena.

Needless to say, plenty of Black bloggers threw their own slings and arrows at the Fashion selections at the BET Awards ( YBF, Bossip, C&D, and Concrete Loop). Many of those same bloggers have their share of posts gunning for Serena as well

Y'all know I cop to my hypocrisy. Should I be AS offended that TMZ called Beyonce a "Roboho" as I am about the fact that they called Serena "extremely dangerous". I was ticked off at the Serena Williams post, but was meh about the BET fashions post. Jasmyne had a point though. I told y'all I was conflicted. Either way, look at the captions and comments on both stories and tell me what you think. Perhaps one of you can articulate the outrage I should probably feel if I didn't think Debra Lee and her Viacom overseers were the devil ( Just Kidding!Well, maybe not). In other words, I have to outsource my outrage over TMZ's bashing of the African American women at the BET Awards. I just can't muster up any legitimate outrage for some reason.

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