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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Black Bloggers Honoring their Fathers! Happy Father's Day.

We pause our regularly scheduled program to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Daddy, who knew that when you let us play around on your Commodore 64 that I'd end up doing this? Folks call your Daddy today. NO, an e-card does not count!

Concrete Loop has a lovely collage of fathers with their children. So does Young Black and Fabulous. Highbrid Nation has a audio/visual tribute ( That Luther Vandross made me cry.) So does the Fort Wayne African-American Independent Woman.

Mirror on America has a lovely post written by Rikyrah and includes suggested reading. Kyra Gaunt talks about reconnecting with her birth Father after 40 years over at BlackProf.
The Republic of T has a lovely post about being a father so does Marty. The Field Negro has a post about his Father's Day that could have been. African American Dad has a tongue-in cheek ( I hope) post about the disparity in treatment for Father's Day versus Mother's Day. ( Guilty as Charged!) Booker Rising has a post about Barak Obama urging Black Fathers to be responsible.
Kate/A/blog has a response to Obama's call.

Clutch has a post about a publication, "I am a Father, Celebrating African American Fathers," which has testimonies by and about Black Fathers. I don't know if they are all African American, but The Blogfathers Blog has a varied and often hilarious send up of Father's Day. Cool Cards has either a fascinating or disturbing ( depending on how you view it/ I can see it both ways) post on the Mahogany line of Hallmark having cards for Mothers on Father's Day. In the age of a majority of Black children being raised in single-parent families its a nod to the reality of many children on Father's Day.

Whew! I'm tired now. Luv ya Daddy!

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