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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Join the National Campaign Against BET - "Launch of BET Sponsor Watch"

A few months ago I posted a Featured Activism of the Day post about student's at Spelman College and their letter writing campaign to BET. They're back and Angela, one of the students leading the campaign has written an excellent article for Black College Wire. They also have set up a Myspace page. First seen on African American Opinion.

Homework Assignment
I personally think BET doesn't care how many letters we write. BET will only change under threat from sponsors. So in addition to joining the letter writing campaign, I want all of you inquisitive folks out there to help me track down BET's top 10 sponsors. Give me the names and give me the source of your information. BET doesn't care about us unfortunately, but I think it's sponsors will. The results of your investigations are due at the end of the week. We'll call it "BET Sponsor WATCH." Today is Day 1.

For inspiration, watch "Confessions of a B.E.T. Producer"
Confessions of a BET Producer