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Sunday, June 17, 2007

OH Snap! Video of Protesters Confronting Deion Sanders Outside of DL Hughley Show!

Lord what have we started. Behold the power of the internet. We went from a small group of outraged folks (here, here, here, and here) to protests on the streets. Taking it from the screen to the streets! Deion Sanders tried to creep on out of the DL Hughley performance away from the protesters and the protesters put him on front street. We have to applaud Deion ( The NBC affiliate spells it "Deon" Wikipedia says otherwise) for atleast being man enough to make a statement on camera. Watch the video. Why couldn't the media cover this when I sent them polite letters?

I don't care what (Tatum) said," said Sanders. "If we condemn everyone for making a derogatory comment, I mean, we wouldn't have anyone in this country. It's not for me to judge somebody, it's for me to give a person love. These people are screaming 'What would Jesus do? What would God do?' He would forgive, if you ask me." Deon Sanders creeping out of the DL Hughley performance in Fort Worth.

Watch DL Hughley respond to the protest in a pre-show interview. "I don't regret for one second what I said," said Hughley.Hughley even made a joke about it during a pre-show interview with NBC 5's Ellen Goldberg."I think one of the protestors was so old he didn't even know what he was protesting," said Hughley.

A protester was even escorted out of the performance. Eddie is that YOU? Drop us a line and let us know they didn't put you on lockdown. According the the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, the protester was issued a citation from criminal trespass.

UPDATE: We got more video here, (he basically says he's not appoligizing and says the he does not respect the protesters and questions their intellect.)

Happy Juneteenth. Exercising all those freedoms.

Today is Day Two of BET Sponsor Watch. Do your homework people!