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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Hand Account of DL Hughley Protest in Ft. Worth

Welcome Eurweb readers. For those of you looking for a firsthand account of the DL Hughley protest in Ft Worth Saturday, you can go to Eddie Griffin's blog here. Eddie's account is a must read. ( It is alot more colorful than anything appearing on the wires.)

You can see video of Eddie being escorted out of the Bass Concert Hall here. Eddie is the one yelling " I want a refund!"

If you want to see Neon Deion Sanders and his wife try to creep out of the performance, you can go here. The best part of the video is at the end IMHO.

If you want to read my previous criticism of the usual suspects ignoring Hughley's comments, you can go here, here, here, and here.

If you want to know why I started this blog, you can go here.

One of the benefits of this temporary spike in web traffic is that we get explore more GEMs being left in comments by anonymous posters. Here at What About Our Daughters, we like to feature those who disagree with us. It keeps us on our toes. An anonymous comment said:

I really wish MY PEOPLE would stop being soooo defensive and try to inact
change. If folks are always speaking of black folks (appearances, behavior) then
maybe "it is what it is". It's bad enough they have to look the way they do ON
the court but my goodness get a brush, some heels and dresses on once you step
off the court. I'm really tired of looking at black women who don't care about
how they look. Many of the female basketball players don't want to look like
women because of other reasons I'd rather not say. WAKE UP!!!! IT'S SAD!!
This one is too easy for moi. Ah yes, once again, it is Black women's fault. Clearly there was a convention somewhere that said that African American women are prohibited from complaining about anything on planet earth because WHATEVER they are complaining about is THEIR FAULT! Yes, something is SAD, but it ain't Black women . I leave the rest to y'all. I'm off to do some Russell Simmons-style meditation. SPEAK ON IT!

For my regular readers, today is Day 4 of BET SPONSOR WATCH. Do your homework people!