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Sunday, July 15, 2007

BET Going Ahead With "Hot Ghetto Mess"

Are we really surprised? Well folks get girded for battle. If we can't kill something called "Hot Ghetto Mess" then we can't kill anything. What utter and complete disrespect does a corporation have to have for Black people to purchase air time on something like this. (Source) Funny if it is such a GREAT SHOW. Why didn't they present it at the Television Critics Association Meeting? They keep saying critics haven't seen the show. Well preview the show to someone else other than your paid spokesperson who moonlights as an LA Times reporter. The reason they can't preview the show is because they are sanitizing the show to remove all of the rumpshaking contests that they licensed.

We’re not doing escapism,” Mr. Hudlin said, adding that with a broad programming slate, BET is trying to be the “responsible broadcaster people want us to be.”

What an arrogant elitist sociopath. Viacom, seriously just gut the executive ranks at BET and start over. You are pulling a publicity stunt by using a sensational title for a show.

Mr. Hudlin, who took the reins at BET two years ago, said the show was part of the network’s effort to address those problems in a way that would be appealing to 18- to 34-year-old viewers
I'm 31 so I am so unintelligent that the only way I will find something appealing is if it is couched in the form of comedic entertainment? BET created MANY of the problems they are now trying to address. This is like a crack dealer opening up a rehab. You can't dole out tough love if there was no love in the first place. BET clearly does not LOVE Black people! They are going to shove this down our throats just like they did with BET Uncut because they think that we are powerless to do otherwise.

You forgot about Uncut? Let me remind you. FOR SIX YEARS BET aired "Uncut", which contained highly sexualized and drug use imagery. Uncut featured such cultural gems as “No Panties (On the Dance Floor)” by Wax-a-million, “Shake That S**t” by Preacha, “P****y Poppin'“ by Ludacris feat. Shawnna and Lil Fate, Lil' Flip , “You'ze A Trick - I Don't Give A F*ck” by Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz, “Smoke With Me” by The Firemen(unlike other videos, this one focused on smoking marijuana), “I Got That Drank” (this one focused on the rising trend of the drug codeine cough syrup ) by Frayser Boy feat. Mike Jones and Paul Wall, and perhaps most famous of all “Tip Drill” by Nelly.

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS REV AL?? HE's cashing his check from BET. No wonder he's been absolutely SILENT about "Hot Ghetto Mess." He's carrying water for Viacom.

Right now. Don't wait ANOTHER minute. You need to write your United States Representative and indicate that you support Cable Choice. Then you need to write your United States Senator and tell them that you support cable choice. In your contact message you need to put the URL for HotGhettoMess.com and indicate that Viacom's BET is going to broadcast a show of the same name that the network has described as a "car wreck you can't look away from". The original site features toddlers in a abusive and neglectful conditions, teenaged girls victimized by their high school enemies, and rampant nudity. If this is programming diversity, we don't need it.