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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jameeela Donaldson FInally Trots over to WAOD- BET Releases her from BUNKER! - Welcome! You're a little late though- I'm officially bored now.

What do you do when your first foray as a television producer gets savaged by the critics and results in mediocre ratings despite the fact that your most vocal critics actually encourage people to watch your show? Well, you try to provoke your critics into providing more publicity for your show.

Folks the creator of THAT SHOW must really be needing some ratings for THAT SHOW. Gurl, I have done all I can. I can't make people watch THAT SHOW if they don't want to. Where you been? I invited you over WEEKS AGO!

All this over lil ole me. Jeez, I dont know where to begin. But I will first begin by addressing a few misconceptions about the site. Jameeela Donaldson, HOtGhettoMess.com in the comments section of What About Our Daughters. DELUSIONAL Right Up to the BITTER END!.

Welcome Jameela, I love Black men too. We have that in common. Smooches back at cha! You might want to read my post New Loyalty Oath for the Black Blogosphere. Seeing as how you are regurgitating foolishness that has already been addressed here. And NO, this wasn't all about little old you, but usually the pawn is always the last to know.

Didn't your show already premiere? So why are you finally trotting over here a week late? Did BET finally let you out of that bunker? Feel free to leave comments anytime, but we are not going to be publicizing your show anymore here. I know the ratings were disappointing, but this publicity stunt of yours is a little desperate. I ain't throwing you anymore watch parties gurl. You are on your own.

You are a day late and a dollar short and still apparently DELUSIONAL, but you're good for business so come back anytime GURL! Anytime! I have to warn you though, you are about to be bumped from our front page, but I will let you stretch your 15 minutes about 30 more seconds. It is the least I can do:)

F.Y.I. , in the future, can you refrain from just reposting comments you have made on other people's blogs? You could at least provide some original content for your nemesis the Black blogger who successfully got EVERY.SINGLE.ADVERTISER to drop your show. Surely I have provided you with something new to say. Just because your show is unoriginal does not mean that you have to be that way in real life.

UPDATE: SHE JUST KEEPS POSTING COMMENTS. IT. Won't Stop! We've moved on. You. Should. Too. As far as unkind words I think you have flung your share at me. Are your comments your idea of intellectual discussion? Poor thing. Nope, I don't think THIS site will be the one people forget in a month, but good looking out!

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jam said...

Once again, you are wrong. BET had nothing to do with my decision to "trot over" to WAOD. I just had enough of the falsehoods. Its one thing to dislike the site or the show but its another to tell outright untruths, so I figure I would address them below...
(btw the ratings were huge thanks to you, tee hee hee )

Um, that isn't what Reuters said Gurl. They said your ratings were kind of soft(I mean even with all of my help, you couldn't outdo Lil' Kim). F.Y.I television executive producer, BET is not in the ratings business, they are in the AD SALES business and your show didn't sell any ads. So UM.... Well.... That is not good. I have to question the judgment of anyone that would make you the executive producer of ANYTHING after some of your comments left on this blog. So thanks for directing traffic from your site to mine, I welcome the comments from your supporters, but I'm officially bored with you now. Okay!... Check out Bronze Trinity's response to the foolishness and rationalizations.

.....SO like I was saying, DL Hughley is coming to my turf!
Details soon.