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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Much love and a big shout to the creator of this blog, Ms. Gina. I have accepted her gracious invitation to serve as an occasional contributor to this blog. It's safe to say that we have complimentary styles, but our purpose is the same - to speak up for and protect the image of Black women.

I go by the screen name of Content Black Woman. And with the demands on Ms. Gina's time, I've decided to use this opportunity to add my two cents concerning the recent developments of Don Imus and his media status resulting from his ignorant comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team as well as the law suit filed by Kia Vaughn, one of the team members.

As expected, cyberspace is buzzing once again concerning the controversy of Imus now that he has settled with CBS regarding his suit for breach of contract. Basically, he believed he got fired for what CBS radio hired him to do. Reportedly, he was suing for $120 million and CBS settled for $20 million which some say is not true. Either way after the first $3 - 4 million in settlement money, who other than really greedy people are still counting anyway.

Interestingly enough, Kia Vaughn, Rutgers women's basketball team member is suing for defamation of character and a few other things claiming the incident harmed her presumably psychologically and otherwise.

Of course the same sexist and racist bloggers want to say she has fallen into a victim mentality.

Let me drop some knowledge on some folks. Don't fall for the psychological B.S. designed to make Black women look like we're crazy when we decide to stand up for ourselves and our daughters. Granted, who else are standing up for Black women lately. It's not Jesse. It's not Al. It's us having to protect us.

Now, if we went off somewhere in a corner and whined about it and said, "Whoa is us," then to be characterized as victims would be appropriate. However, that is not the case. Kia Vaughn has made a personal decision to get some recourse on having her life unfairly disrupted. This is not what she signed up for. So, instead of taking an AK-47 and taking out folks, she decided to exercise her constitutional right to have her case heard in a court of law. Sounds like pretty civil behavior to me.

Yet, in order to defend the indefensible, there are those who are quick to refer to a Black woman - or hell any woman for that matter - who decides to say one just can't characterize us anyway one chooses just because one has the power of the microphone. With that kind of power - whether one wishes to acknowledge it or not - comes responsibility and consequences.

So, take note, the ones who are quick to refer to us as self-proclaimed victims when we decide to use civil means to defend our honor and dignity are the real whiners and babies. They are the "victocrats." They are the true self-proclaimed victims.

Message to those whiners: Grow up! You are so quick to tell everyone else to take it like a man, start showing us how a man is suppose to take it and then - and only then - we might consider that you have some advice worth taking. Show respect and dignity to the givers of life upon this earth.

We are here to stay. Get over it!

Your permission is not necessary to exercise our basic human and American rights for self-preservation. Now that's not the talk of a victim.