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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who is Looking Out for Megan Williams? I'm Starting to Wonder

Megan Williams' statement is in the news. Is that her mother giving reporters the middle finger? I know there are folks with differing viewpoints on revealing the names and faces of victims of sexual assault, but something about how this woman is appearing in the media just doesn't sit right with me. I have not nailed it down. I am not saying she does not need to speak out, that is her right, but either she is A) developmentally challenged or B)extremely unsophisticated. Under either scenario, she is in a position of being exploited and I don't get a "we're protecting her" vibe from anybody.

Now the New Black Panther Party is headed to town to "teach" the residents how to deal with racism.

Y'all know how I have that sixth sense.... I'm getting a train wrecky vibe that is about to pop off in West Virginia. My fellow Texans are very familiar with Quanell X? prepare for the third ring to be added to the circus. Fellow Texans, weigh in.

I don't think they care about this WOMAN, I think once again, the Black woman is about to be made a pawn in the never ending battle between Black and White men.

Diary of an Anxious Black Woman
also has some thoughts on this issue.
Any thoughts?