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Friday, September 14, 2007

If You're Not Angry Too, You Just Haven't Been Paying Attention: Friday Week in Review

Whew this week is over, but not without controversy as we are prone to wade into on occasion. We ain't "Blog of the Year for Nothing" around here. I also want to take this opportunity to announce that the WAOD Disgruntled Readers Support Group will begin meeting at 5:00PM on Sundays in the fellowship hall of the Bedside Baptist Church, where the Rev. Dr. A. Larm Clock, Sr. is Pastor.

We started off what we thought was going to be a mellow week with a post about Oprah throwing a 3 Million Dollar fund raiser for Barack Obama. I used that opportunity to point out a problem that I have with Senator Obama's Characterization of the facts of the case involving Genarlow Wilson. I then brought up that post on NPR News and Notes during my appearance on the Bloggers' Roundtable. Some folks are very unhappy that I brought up the Wilson case and what I think are Senator Obama's mis characterization of the facts of the case before a group of folks who know very little about it. Of course they threw in a few "angry black women" labels as they always do. Well we wear it as a badge of honor because if you are not angry too, you just haven't been paying attention.

I don't have a problem with the 8th amendment arguments that there was an excessive sentence in the Wilson case. What I have always said is that in making the 8th amendment argument, you don't have to sanitize the facts of what happened in that hotel room or try to make Genarlow Wilson into a saint. Well what's it to you? I'll tell you why I broke the party line and committed heresy by pointing out this problem... because somewhere there is a 17 year old girl ( I guess she is about 19 or 20 now) that says that she was raped and I believe the videotape of the events in the room corroborate that. Not prove, but corroborate. Somewhere there is a 15 year old girl who was drawn into this case and she's getting death threats. But nobody bothers to mention that. No, we have to try to make what happened in that room seem as if it is a scene out of Romeo and Juliet. Well the last time I checked Romeo didn't pass Juliet around to his five buddies.

The argument that the sentence was excessive is in no way diminished by acknowledging that two teen age girls have also had their lives turned upside down as well. What About Our Daughters? So if asking "what must those girls be feeling right now?" makes me "angry" then so be it. Y'all can read some of the responses to my appearance on NPR's News and Notes. Some of the posters didn't like the fact that I brought up Obama's sanitizing of the facts in the Wilson case. yeah, I used that forum to bring this up. I knew I was committing heresy by not sticking to the party line, but when history records this case 20 years from now, maybe a sliver of a footnote will be that somebody said "what happened to the girls in this case?" But I'm not supposed to ask that question am I because what happens to young Black girls aren't really all that important to some folks. Yeah, I said it.

Monday we talked about the Concubine Conspiracy to convince Black women that the best they can do is rent out their wombs and become a "baby mama." We pointed out Essence's role in trying to mainstream "I be concubining!" Sandra Rose has an update on the tawdriness that is Puffy Diddy dee da de' and his veritable cornucopia of babies mamas.

I thought Tuesday was going to be my 9-11 tribute day and I put up a post early asking Where Were You the Day Hell Rained Down From the Sky? If you didn't get a chance, drop a comment in the basket.

I didn't want to post about anything else on 9-11, in fact I vowed not to ( my regulars know how my vows go. I should really stop making them right?) Well as I did my early morning e-mail check an I mean like 4:00AM, three folks had already e-mailed me because they couldn't sleep after reading about this horrific case in West Virginia of a woman being tortured. Some kind of way CNN.com ended up pointing to us( probably because we were one of the earliest blogs to post about it). So of course the comments section went crazy. This blog almost went private. One button is all it takes folks. I couldn't believe folks were cutting up on 9-11. Maybe 9-11 just affects me more than other folks. It always reminds me that life is so short and that there evil folks out there that are a threat to us all.

Then we wrapped up the week posting Robert Byrd's YouTube menagerie from his infamous "barbaric" speech about Michael Vick and dog fighting. I used it as an opportunity to point out that crimes against dogs have gotten more news print than crimes such as Dunbar Village which are committed against Black women.

Don't forget that on Saturday September 15, 2007, 600 people have signed up to go demonstrate outside the home of BET CEO, Debra Lee. You can join them by going to Enough is Enough.

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