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Monday, October 8, 2007

Bravo to Newsweek Calling Out Misogyny in the Black Community- Dunbar Village Update


I told y'all that this was a marathon. Dunbar Village just got an mention in Newsweek, if not by name, by reference:

Our community is reluctant to talk openly about the problem of black men mistreating black women. Our leaders will rise up in unison against Don Imus for his detestable slur against the Rutgers women's basketball team. Yet they remain silent when Isiah Thomas says it's less offensive for a black man to call a black woman "bitch" than it is for a white man. Black leaders are justifiably in an uproar over the Jena Six, yet none rushed to West Palm Beach, Fla., this summer when an African-American mother in a public housing project was gang-raped. Source

Allison Samuels laid it all out in her article, "We're Not Going to Take it Anymore." She is talking about how Anucha Browne Sanders basically stood up and said "NO!" to Isiah Thomas' crap and how the case is sparking a debate about Black misogyny. Wow, in Newsweek. Oh wait for the gnashing of the teeth on this one.

All of you working on the Dunbar Village case, keep plugging away. I know that another article about it is coming out soon. Keep plugging away. One day everybody will know about the League of the Immorally Indifferent. I am glad that my curiosity for got the best of me and I clicked on this article. The Universe must have known that I needed to read that.

Dunbar Village Update

Remember last week when we talked about the West Palm Beach City Commissioners meeting with the WPB Housing Authority and their incompetent Director, Laurel Robinson? Well all of a sudden the Housing Authority has found $100,000 for security. Amazing what happens when folks ask to see your budget!

Laurel Robinson all but admitted that the Housing Authority has NO IDEA who is living in Dunbar Village:
Executive Director Laurel Robinson said her property managers pay monthly visits to each unit to ensure that only those legally allowed are staying there. She said often, violating residents will be warned verbally and there is no paper trail. SOURCE

The Housing Authority is still apparently not screening residents sufficiently and these wise words were spoken by a resident of Dunbar Village during the public comments portion of last week's hearing about Laurel Robinson:
[D]espite assurances by the Housing Authority, monitoring of appropriate residents was not being handled well.

"We have kids out there that are bullying — it's the same families," she said. "If Ms. Robinson is not going to do anything, the board needs to come in. Maybe Ms. Robinson needs to step down."

For real, there is no shame in resignation. Laurel Robinson, your performance is well past poor.