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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our favorite Pompadoured Precha' Wants Isiah Thomas to Appoligize- Or NAN will Picket Knicks Games!- Should WAOD Readers Picket Sharpton's Picket?

Yesterday somebody said in the comments that the Rev. Al's criticism of Isiah Thomas wasn't getting press. It might not be getting a lot of cable coverage, but it is getting major newsprint.

“I told Mr. Thomas that our position had nothing to do with the person using the language,” Sharpton . “We cannot have double standards for sexism and racism.”SOURCE
*crickets chirp* This is too easy. *crickets chirp*

Consistency is not our favorite pompadoured precha's strong point, but he did say something. So do we give him credit for that? *crickets chirp* Average Bro feels conflicted as well as he sets out with insightful analysis in his post, "Rebb'n Al v Freaky Zeke"

Again, somebody needs to say something, but maybe the good Reverend just isn't the one.

The paradox of Al Sharpton (and Jesse too) is a dual edged sword. It's like discovering a $100 in the urinal of a public restroom. Sure, you'll feel good about spending it, but your hands will stink like hell long afterward. Such is the case with Sharpton. Average Bro

See. Average Bro Knows he is wrong for that analogy right there. BWAUAHAHA! *moi goes to sit the WAOD corna'* That should not be funny. Average Bro also points out that there was an article intimating that Rev. Al sought out romantic relationships with his female subordinates. I did not know that. I don't know why I thought Rev. Al had been married to the same woman for like 35 years. Y'all have to go read that Village Voice piece JUST to look at the illustration of Al Sharpton. I about fell out of my chair.
The Village Voice story says that Al Sharpton basically took out Jesse Jackson with that whole "Bringing Yo Baby Mama to the White House scandal." I did not know all of this. No wonder they hate each other's guts. I thought it was just plain old ordinary playa hating, not all this Machiavellian intrigue and what not. But then again, I guess the position of leader of all of Black America ( as far as the news industrial complex is concerned) is a prize worth engaging in foolishness to obtain.

Prepare to squirm as this reporter tries to make the tenuous case for a clandestine "relationship" between Sharpton and an aide. EEW. Just eew. It ends up being a string of innuendo and text messages and anonymous tips. There is a lot of smoke, but no fire. It actually ends up reading like something Rita Croby would write for the national Enquirer. I was a tad bit disappointed in the lack of hard evidence. The main source is a disgruntled husband. Until somebody hows me some pictures, I elect to refuse to believe it. Mind bleach please. ( y'all please if there ARE pictures, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!) Thanks Average Bro for the link to this article.

I am still wondering why after two months he hasn't issued a single statement about Dunbar Village, but I guess Isiah is easier to deal with than a bunch of poor Black folks being shuffled to an enclave in south Florida and left to rot. *crickets chirp*

Random thought....Um, aren't most Knicks tickets purchased prior to the actual game so would picketing outside Knicks stadium deter folks who already purchased tickets? My memory is foggy, but isn't there an underground entrance to the Garden so would any of the fans actually see the National Action Network pickets? If they do picket, is Rev. Al going to go inside after tip off to sit in a luxury box?

I actually don't know that Isiah CAN apologize if the case is going to be appealed.

Um Rev. Al, when can we expect the NAN to march on the Florida Governor's Mansion or on the City of West Palm Beach aka "Dysfunction Junction?" I mean the weather in south Florida is likely going to be much warmer than NYC. *Moi begins eyeing her watch while still seated in the WAOD corna'*

What do you think of Rev. Al's comments and his demand for an apology. I am soooo soooo trying to give my favorite pompadoured precha' the benefit of ze' doubt, but I am sure that the readership will share their candid impressions. *moi leaves the corna' goes over and sits on the WAOD stoop and waits for some interesting comments to walk by*

Wonderful idea just popped into my head while I was sitting on the stoop waiting on comments. I know I have a New York/NJ/PA contingent of readers. I think it would be awesome if some folks got together and picketed Rev. Al for his silence on Dunbar Village as he picketed the Knicks and then Debra Lee could show up and picket us as we picketed Rev. Al and so on until we have about 10,000 Black folks outside in the cold picketing each other. Okay. it is officially time to go to sleep, but it was a thought.