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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baroprah Mania Part Deaux: Oprah Hits it Out of the Park on Behalf of Obama...Civil Rights Industrial Complex Attacks Obama Again (Andrew Young )

This blog is about African American women in popular culture so we couldn't ignore Oprah basically taking over the airwaves today with her speech on behalf of Barack Obama. Part I

Part II She Throws It Down!(watch for the Billary digs)

She accomplished an amazing feat, she got me to sit through an Obama Speech in its entirety. I am beginning to wonder if Obama's Democratic National Convention Speech was one of those rare occasions when a politician is "in the zone" that can never be repeated. As far as I am concerned this was bigger than a keynote at the Democratic National Convention and Obama, took probably 10 minutes to hit his stride. Oprah is gifted and her speech was great , but when Obama hit the stage he literally took a bucket of cold water and threw it on the fire Oprah lit. I was about to turn away from his speech when someone in the audience passed out. He ended up getting it together, but seriously, he needs to bring it tomorrow in SC.

CNN's Candy Crowley declares that Oprah has a future as a campaign speech writer:

There were a couple of signs, but no fireworks, no hang gliders, just Oprah and Obama and thousands of their closest friends packed into a cavernous arena in downtown Des Moines. Gayle King (Oprah's BFF) told one of the women seated next to her that Oprah was up until three in the morning writing her speech introducing Obama. She told people backstage she was nervous.I asked one of his advisers if the campaign had any input. "Nope," he said. "All the Big O."

If that's true, Winfrey has a future. It was a great speech, and she is a gifted speaker.CNN.COM

I agree Candy.

If you want to review the throw down we had two weeks ago regarding my response to the article called "Michelle Obama Urges Black Women to Vote for Her Husband", you can go here.

Note to Sherri Shepard, I hope you were taking notes.

Speaking of National Embarrassments...Andrew Young Pans Obama and Says Bill Clinton is "just as Black as Obama."

Isn't it time for him to go away to the home? The CRIC(civil rights industrial complex) is seriously losing it. Between bloggers and Obama, they are being driven mad right in front of our very eyes.Just STOP already.