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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good News:WAOD Readers Share Theirs (At Least they Tried )

Well I have to give folks credit for trying. This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I asked for good news, but I am going to post it anyway. Folks I am looking for good news about Black women and girls to counteract all the BAD. It does not have to come from a news article. Maybe you had some good news in you life this year that you want to share.

Our first Good News post in our season of holiday delusion:

Charles' Good News
Charles' good news is that Jackson State beat Grambling to win the SWAC football championship. Good news for Jackson State fans. Not so sure Grambling fans would feel the same, but hey it's good news to somebody!

Also courtesy of Charles, the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) is having a toy give away in Los Angeles...with Dog the Bounty Hunter. It's a toy give away. That's good news, unless the toys were manufactured in China which means that they probably contain high doses of lead and toxins, but it's a toy give away at Christmas. Great first effort Charles.

Sharon's Good News
Sharon wants y'all to know that she thinks Will Smith's latest movie is good news:

This film and its wonderful ending, not only recalls the Blackness of Christ, but shows a brilliant wonderful military (admittedly on the wrong side for this muslim, but OK) scientific brother. Will Smith is a BLACK MAN who should be praised.

Stop Hair Loss' Good News

Stop Hair Loss wants y'all to know that they think that Barack Obama is good news:

Good news, Gina,

Barack Obama is running for president! For all of yall who are still mystified by Obama's campaign and his message, please visit his site http://www.barackobama.com/issues/ and gain some clarity on exactly what he stands for and what legislation he has and is planning to pass that is specific to the black community.

I hear black people say all the time, why he don't talk about race?, what he gonna do for black women? I strongly urge you to visit his site, do some research, whatever--you're a smart woman. The issues that he addresses are intrinsically issues that affect black people disproportionately. Yes, Obama and his campaign should do a better job at promoting his platform but we who support him can do our part and make others aware of Obama's track record as a senator and presidential plans. But actually I attended the Obama/Oprah rally in Columbia on 12/9. He did touch on his presidential plans--education, healthcare, families, minimum wage, cooperate reform, war, etc.

Do we need to hear him say I support black people or this is what I'm going to do for black folk. Is his not tackling all of the aforementioned issues, social concerns specific to the black community. We would rather have sounding brass tinkling cymbal commitments from other candidates (by others I mean Billary) about what they're going to do for black people. Hillary's entertainment of going to war with Iran should alone knock her out of the box for prospective candidates that black people support. Whatever she's aiming to do as president, she wont be able because wars cost money and divert money from homeland policies. Whatever she's aiming to do as president, she wont be able because cooperations have grossly contributed to her senatorial career and too many people own her. Please spread the love; repackage this email and post it to your blog.

Peace and Blessings,

Yeah, that good news just left me all warm and fuzzy. Note to readers, as you can imagine this blog keeps me extremely busy so sending me an email instructing me to do more work, no matter how minor is a drag. So um that's a NO on repackaging an email and conducting additional research. If you send it, send it post- ready. You have been warned.

Now Let's Try This Again.
OOOOkay, well that was a start. At least I got emails about something other than rapes, murders and kidnappings of Black women and children. None of these were about Black women or girls, but hopefully that will change in the coming days. So WAOD wants to hear good news about Black women and girls. Let me repeat...Black women and girls. Not because we don't care about everybody else's good news, but because this blog is called What About Our Daughters? Not, What About Everybody Else BUT Black Women and Girls?

Great First Effort Folks!