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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ignorance Personified: Lil' Wayne Boasts That He Will "Murder Your Children"

A friend recently told me that all children dream. Children will dream whether you love them or not. You can hug them or beat them - Children will dream. Feed them or starve them-Children will dream. But who tells them what to dream? In a lot of cases, pop culture tells them what to dream. A whole lot of y'all dreamed of prince charming because Disney told y'all to. The problem is what do you do when the folks who are telling your kids what to dream are sociopaths? Our latest "Ignorance Personified " entry goes to Lil' Wayne for saying this:

If you are talking about rap and beef, I'm the wrong person to talk to. I am from New Orleans. Cut your televisions on. You know where I'm from. I'm from the murder capital, ma.

Beef is a different thing there. I have four teardrops on my face and I have to look my mom in her eye every day. I can't lie to her. F*ck what they think and f*ck what the world thinks, we real. My mom is real. The first day I got a teardrop I lied. I called her and asked her can I get a teardrop tattoo, but I had already got it." She said, "When you get it, come by me so I can see how you look with it, cause I was thinking about getting one my f*ckin' self."

"We don't play. No, I'm not gonna rap about you man, I will murder you, your family, your child, a newborn, I don't give a f*ck. I could never go to hell cause I'ma take over, b*tch. Hat Tip to Media Take Out.

Sweet dreams. And please spare me the "Its up to parents to tell their children what to dream" foolishness. It might be up to them, but they ain't the ones who are doing it. This is so not funny in light of Alexis Goggins, Daniyah Jackson, and Ebony Dorsey.