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Friday, December 21, 2007

The Universe is Mocking Me: Rev. Sharpton's Brother, Kenneth, Calls Into the WAOD Radio Show - No Blood Letting Occurred

Those of you who have followed this blog from the very beginning know that the Universe openly mocks me. I mean, literally, I make plans and vows and the Universe says "Oh really?" and then I am forced to deviate from MY plans. So yesterday was supposed to be a good news show and it was nothing but bad from the start.

First, Blog Talk Radio went crazy and the switchboard got messed up to the first 15 minutes of the show are garbage. Then I talk for about five minutes with the mute . Just DRAMA! Then I finally get it together and WHO is my first caller of the evening? Rev. Kenneth Glasgow.

Don't know who Rev. Glasgow is? Well, he's Rev. Al Sharpton's brother and Yeah, I clowned him yesterday when I said this

“We have invited everybody,” said Kenneth Glasgow, brother of the Rev. Al
Sharpton. “We are here to bring about unity.” SOURCE

Then get rid of the folks causing the disunity. Sidebar - Al Sharpton has a brother? I guess he is Sharpton's lieutenant. Bout time he appointed one.
BWHAHAHA! So anyway, I don't know that I have ever had someone that I have criticized call into the show. We had an interesting conversation. It was truly an experience. The volume on the podcast is completely out of wack, so he sounds extremely low, but if you increase your volume when he speaks you should be able to hear. WE ARE EDITING THE AUDIO TO BALANCE OUT THE VOLUME. SO COME BACK LATER TO HEAR THE EQUALIZED SHOW.

I won't give the details of the conversation because I think some of what was said could potentially be quite harmful to the case, but if you haven't listened to a single episode of the Black women's round table, you need to listen to this one. I doubt they gone let him call back in to the show. He was good natured about it all.

At the end of the day, I want justice. I want these people in jail for the rest of their natural lives. I hope we all want that and that the five ring circus that has surrounded this case get reigned in. This should not be a case about a bunch of Black men fighting for who gets to lead whose march. This woman was BRUTALLY ATTACKED. She should be the focus. No, I do not believe that you have to march side by side with Malik Shabazz to indicate your support of Megan Williams.

Merry Christmas Rev. Glasgow!! Your brother finally got his recompense, for me criticizing him for half the year, my GOOD NEWS CHRISTMAS SPECIAL went all wild and wacky! I told Y'all Tiny Tot was going to put a root on me.

If you want to learn more about Rev. Glasgow's organization, it is called The Ordinary People Society.Do try to be nice if you take it upon yourself to contact the man.