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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Black Women and Music-"INDEPENDENT" Women and "Relationship Sharecropping"

Black Women and Music
Over at EURweb, they have an interesting column called Black Women and Music by Darryl James.He has a book out called Bridging the Black Gender Gap, at first glance it appears to be more "Black Women It's Y'allz Fault Y'all Are Single " propaganda, but its a discussion about the state of Black music and the role pop culture (ie fiction) may be affecting our interactions in real life. WOW, somebody else thinks that popular culture has an affect on the way people view and treat each other. Some of the highlights:

It’s a sad thing that modern music, particularly rap music, is filled with stupid messages that degrade Black women, Black people and Black culture. It’s even sadder that some women think that the stupid rap music and the stupid rappers represent all or even most Black men. Those who imagine that rap music represents all or most Black men are stupid themselves to imagine that all or even most Black men dislike or even hate Black women.
The problem is that the music, the movies, the culture forms people's opinions about each other. If the dominant musical genre isn't talking about most Black men and most Black men who is?
It doesn’t help that those images in the media—of gold-digging, sexually detached women portrayed as “independent”--have created a warped concept of relationships that causes a great deal of confusion and contradiction.
I am so glad someone else has noticed this foolishness right here. They've even managed to corrupt the "Independent Women" stereotype.

There is a song out now that basically turns self sufficiency on its head . Have y'all had the misfortune to hear this foolishness here by "Webbie":
I N D E P E N D E N T Do You Kno Wat That Mean
Baby Phat Jus Relax Front Ya Own Flat Screen
Back Rubs Cook Clean And Dont Make Her Make Her Seen
When U Call Her On Her Cellular
She Tell She Dont Need
Not A God Damn Thing You A Hot Damn Thing
She A Fool Been In School Even Walked Across The Stage
She Say I Love Webbie From His Looks To His Ways
In A Man Face Standin Waitin For Him To Take Care Of Her
She'll Rather Go To Work And Pay The Bills On Schedule
She A Good Freaker
She Stay On Her Sh!t
She Got Her Own Sh!t
She Dont Never Trip
All She Want Is That D!*k
She Bossy Flossy
Keep Them Hoes Off Me
Gutta Lil Slang Mane I Love When She Talkin
A Independent Chick Do U Kno Wat That Mean
She Cook She Clean Never Smell Like Onion Rings
22s On Her Whip Oh She Do It Large

You can read the rest of the lyrics... Black folks they are clearly targeting your matriculating daughters.
Relationship Sharecropping
My question is does WEBBIE or any of the unfortunate souls listening to this know what "Independent" means This ain't "Independence" this is "relationship sharecropping". Break your back tilling the relationship soil and in exchange you get NOTHING!. In other words. Black women don't need or deserve anything. Remember when Snoop said they weren't talking about college educated women?
"[Rappers] are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports. We're talking about ho's that's in the 'hood that ain't doing sh--, that's trying to get a n---a for his money. These are two separate things.
This song is clearly taking aim at them. Go to school, get a job, take care of yourself, take care of a man ( ANY MAN- Even one running around in flip flops) in exchange for absolutely nothing in return. How convenient for men. A woman has to be a college educated domestic goddess with enough good credit to purchase unlimited amounts of consumer electronic and a man has to do what???Who is challenging this message in popular culture?

I am serious, all y'all paying college tuition need to formulate a quiz and administer it during spring break. Look at the video, they are targeting women in school. Does your daughter know the difference between "Independence" and "Relationship Sharecropping"? Don't assume that they do because the culture is definitely trying to sell this bill of goods right here.