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Monday, May 12, 2008

Genarlow Wilson Plays "Victim" on the Tyra Show--Beating death in Cleveland

WAOD Reader, Faith reports that Tyra Banks, the defender of fierce Black women all over the planet had Genarlow Wilson on the show about sexual predators trying to portray him as some kind of victim. Lets be clear... there is "not guilty" and "innocent." One is a legal term, the other is a moral term. Genarlow Wilson might be free, but he ain't innocent. I won't restate my position against rewarding bad behavior. You can read my previous posts

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I wonder how long it will take for Genarlow and his Mama to make it to the Oprah Show. Note that Tyra, like all Genarlow Wilson apologists fails to mention what Mr. Wilson and his buddies did to the 17 year old girl in the room. Let me remind you:
The videotape was "Exhibit A" because it depicts a horrific crime: a gang rape of a semi-conscious, 17-year-old girl, followed by a bizarre display of sexual precociousness by a 15-year-old girl. That's the truth recorded by Genarlow and his friends that fateful night. I suspect that is also why Ms. Bernstein hated it whenever McDade used it to rebut her version of Genarlow's crime.

No matter how much (two glasses of Cognac) the 17-year-old may have had to drink, no matter how much she may have flirted with those boys, she did not consent to having sex with all of them, one right after the other. Yet it never occurred to the "smart" and "spiritual" Genarlow to say, "Stop it. We should not be doing this." No. Genarlow watched, waited and gladly took his turn. When they were through raping her, Genarlow helped his friends drag the comatose victim to the bathroom. They opened the door, pushed her in, watched as she fell to the floor and closed the door. I guess she wasn't much fun anymore. SOURCE
...talk about inconvenient truth. Gina, when will you stop harping about Genarlow Wilson? When folks stop trying to portray him as a hero or a victim. If what he did to the 17 year old wasn't predatory, what is? Y'all feel free to copy and paste and pass it on to Ms. Fierce. If Wilson had any humility or decency, he would thank his lucky stars that he is not locked up in the clank and live his life in obscurity.

Any day now I am waiting for Tyra's show on Dunbar Village, Ebony Dorsey, Romona Moore, Daniyah Jackson, Latasha Norman, Nailah Franklin, Marcie Crane, Kireasha Pam Linkhome, Shirley Geanes, Latoya Natasha Thomas, Dymashal Lashon Cullins, Tyesha Patrice bell, Daphne Philisia Jones, Tamika Antoinette Huston, y'all let me know when she has some real victims on the show. Feel free to let Tyra know how you feel... Faith already made her thoughts made known on the Tyra Show blog. WAOD readers are FIERCE!

Black Women Behold Your Future

Statistically speaking, Black women will live to about 76 years old and if you happen to get married, your husband will die before you do. In other words, you can expect to spend the last of your golden years alone. Well think about this quote the next time you are thinking about retirement.. Be careful where you decide to spend your sunset years, you could end up like 78 year old Irene Bennett:

In retirement, she and her husband had hoped to enjoy simple pleasures: watching people pass by and planting flowers around their neatly kept home. But the violence in the neighborhood makes that impossible.

"You pay for your home. You work hard. You retire, and you want to enjoy, just come out on your porch and ... wait for the summertime to come," she said, shaking her head. MSNBC

Irene is talking about livingi n a neighborhood that is so violent that 15 teens beat a man to death in the middle of the street in Cleveland. They killed a man named Charles Gooden Jr... after one of them urinated on the man's head. I have already told y'all I am retiring to Canada or Alaska to live off the land.