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Thursday, May 1, 2008

WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award: Monica Conyers... Out of the Mouths of Babes

"You're not my daddy!You do that at home, not here. Give me some respect 'cause I'm tired of that. You may not do that at home, but you gon do it up in here."Grow up! Control your house and you'll know how to treat women better."
Detroit Councilwoman, Monica Conyers, wife of John Conyers speaking to the Detroit City Council President in the middle of a very public meeting
"We're children, you're an adult"
Elementary School Student to Monica Conyers-Detroit City Councilwoman & John's Wife
Lord take me now! If it wasn't for the City of Detroit, I don't know what I would do. I LOVE YOU DETROIT!!!! If you are ever feeling blue, down in the dumps or sad, just think. It could be worse. You could be a resident of the city of Detroit (my condolences if you are). Your Mayor is under indictment. You paid millions of tax dollars to hide his affair and keep him supplied with Escalades and a paramilitary police escort. He threw out the N-word repeatedly at official city events. Your city mansion allegedly played host to a party featuring strippers, one of whom turned up dead. 75% of your high school students don't graduate on time.

Everyday when I am exhausted and tired from living out of a suitcase, I check in and several of the city's residents have offered me the latest tidbits courtesy of the City Council and the Mayor. One name however repeatedly pops up in my inbox, Monica Conyers, Detroit City Councilwoman and wife of John Conyers. Yes that John Conyers, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

Now I have previously gotten Monica Conyers clips, but none had quite risen to Wagging Finger of Shame levels, but finally after numerous nominations, Monica Conyers, has finally won a WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award. NOw you have to remember how tremendous this is because Monica is not a national figure. She's a local phenomenon, but I suspect that she will go national in the near future. Here are WAOD, we are ahead of the curve in recognizing her potential to take her unique brand of public service to the national stage. Forget watching I Love New York, you'll soon be able to turn on C-SPAN to see a Black woman acting a plum natural fool.

Now why did John Conyer's wife win a WFOS? Well, first she called the Detroit City Council Presiden, Kenneth Cockrel Jr., "Shrek." Yes, you heard right, she called the man "Shrek" in the middle of a city council meeting ( in Monica's defense...there is a slight resemblance)

Well this week, some school children went on a field trip to visit the city council chambers and Mrs. Conyers answered their questions about her name calling. Yes, school children and Councilwoman Conyers had a discussion about the Council woman calling the City COuncil President "Shrek." Well you can imagine what happened with one of the children, Kierra Bell who I am calling "Lil Gina", tried to point out that they are children and Mrs Conyers is supposed to be an adult:
Kierra Bell and several classmates from Courtis Elementary School met with Conyers last week on a field trip to learn about how the city, and city government works.It was during the field trip that Bell questioned Conyers. "I felt it wasn't right and it was really disrespectful toward him (Cockrel)," Bell said."I let her know in a respectful way, I thought it was wrong," said Bell. The students' session was videotaped and Bell's questioning of Conyers is now being featured on You Tube and several other Web sites.Bell said she was not trying to grandstand and merely wanted to know, "Why would an adult resort to name calling?""I was just thinking. This is your opportunity to let your voice count and how we all just want to be heard," Bell explained.At one point in the exchange, Conyers asked Bell if she or her friends ever wanted to call another child a name or had called another child a name. Bell said yes, but countered, "We're children, you're an adult," adding that adults in position of power like the city council should remember they are role models for young people."I think I was hearing her out and she was hearing me out," Bell said. SOURCE

Now Kierra says she wants to be a lawyer... good luck Kierra, you got a one in four chance of graduating from high school in Detroit. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and keep looking over your shoulder because Monica was giving you a mean side eye. Watch your back. Monica has already threatened to shoot a witness, threatened to have her brothers beat up another city council member and was caught fighting in a bar("I was defending myself,").... but at least she hasn't been caught smoking on a crack pipe...In any case Monica is setting a wonderful example for how NOT to act for Detroit's elementary school students.

Apparently Monica has a problem with bullying. Apparently women have been bullying her because they wanted to marry John Conyers ( RFOL) Watch as she re-enacts the "Shrek" incident. :

SO congrats to Monica Conyers winner of this quarter's WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award for just being YOU. Monica joins Kim Porter, Verizon, and other notable figures. Previous WAOD WFOS Winners She's big time now!

We've created a special "limited edition" t-shirt and button to commemorate Monica's win. Photoshopping therapy always make me feel better.