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Friday, June 13, 2008

Dunbar Village To Be Torn Down: Never Forget!

A little under a year ago, I began blogging about a horrific crime that happened in a housing project called Dunbar Village. When I first heard about the Dunbar Village crime, I could not sleep. It is one of those crimes that kinds of snatches a little piece of your soul, throws it on the ground, and then does a tap dance on top of it.

It was more than a month before I could even write about the details. When I finally did write about it, I was angry.

Dunbar Village - RAZE IT TO THE GROUND AND SALT THE EARTH SO THAT NOTHING WILL GROW THERE! - How to Help.- Where in the World are the Rev's?

I was mad because the world, in particular the local government in West Palm Beach appeared prepared to act as if there wasn't a serious tear in the fabric that makes up civil society. I don't know if they were in shock or just outright incompetent. My second post was tled

I mean that back then. I mean it now. I know that that is controversial in some quarters, but if the government is going to take it upon itself to hold itself out to be a landlord then it has a moral obligation to make sure that the housing is fit and habitable.

I have no doubt that demolition was one of the reasons why these poor Black women were left to rot and die in the first place. Dunbar Village was abandoned by local government and law enforcement and as a result criminals were allowed to run wild preying on Black women and children with impunity.

According to Symphony from the Dunbar Village blog, the housing project sits on prime real estate, not too far from an ocean view. HUD recently approved the demolition of Dunbar Village:

"While demolishing this housing will not erase the horrible act that took place in this community, we hope it illustrates the housing authority and HUD's commitment to redevelop affordable housing in a safe neighborhood for families," Paula Blunt, HUD's general deputy assistant secretary for public and Indian housing, said in a statement. Sun Sentinel

Laurel Robinson, the most incompetent public official in the history of all time is still on the job, still delusional, and still being allowed to speak publicly for some reason. I want to know who she has photos of, because she has to have dirt on somebody to be able to keep her job:

"The problems at Dunbar are the problems that come from a site that was built 70 years ago and have been subject to changes in public programs," Robinson said.

"I am trying not to use cliches like ghettoization of the poor, disincentives to work," she said. "We have to move forward. You can't stay mired in the past." Laurel Robinson, Incompetent Government Official
Laurel has been minimizing this crime since it happened. As we have previously reported, she didn't even notify the residents that a horrific crime had occurred and that there were ten gang rapist running loose in the community. She is a truly wretched and callus human being who doesn't even attempt to hide it in the press... again, she has dirt on somebody.

They may be able to erase the physical structure, but we have yet to address the issues that would cause a group of teenagers to do this to a mother and her child. Issues that we all now know exist in every part of this country.

A week after my initial post about Dunbar Village, I wrote about the Five Stages of Grief.

The Five Stages of Grief- The League of the Immorally Indifferent on Dunbar Village,Newark, Chauncey Bailey, Stepha Henry... I'm at Stage Two

Almost a year later which stage are you on? For those of you who haven't read about Dunbar Village, you can find out more on the Dunbar Village blog. They have a wonderful chronology in their sidebar. Prepare to be angry, depressed, or both.

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