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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Amendment Hypocrites Part III, Cowards Among US

Since I have a blog criticizing images and speech, I often get comments saying that we should just shut up because people are just exercising their First Amendment rights ( yes, the irony is lost on them). This is the third installment of our four-part series, The First Amendment Hypocrites. In Part One, I pointed out that the First Amendment protects us from guv'ment restriction of speech, not criticism form others. In part two, I pointed out that this blog has never advocated government restriction of speech that I find degrading to Black women. In this installment I argue that people like DL Hughley and the Dean of the Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection who hide behind the First Amendment every time they face criticism are COWARDS!If this is your first time reading the series, you should read this post first so you will know why I am addressing D.L. Hughley .

To trot out the First Amendment in defense of Hughley's attack on the Rutgers team, an innocent group of African American young women is cowardly. D.L. should be man enough to say that he finds the women of his own race unattractive. Be man enough to say that a Black women in her natural state, who doesn't chemically straighten her hair or doesn't wear other people's hair is ugly to you, the ugliest women you have ever seen in your life according to your statement on the Tonight Show. Me man enough to attack a group of innocent young Black college students and take the criticism without cowering behind the FICTION that you are championing or protected by the First Amendment. Last, be man man enough to admit that you don't have enough comedic talent to make people laugh unless you appeal to the lowest common denominator.

To all the First Amendment experts who read an comment. Keep it coming. Be warned, here at What About Our Daughters, we reserve the right to exercise our First Amendment right to respond.