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Monday, June 25, 2007

First Amendment Hypocrites, Part II ( People don't read.)

In the first of our series responding to people who believe that protesting and criticizing "artists" and comedians that denigrate Black women, I said that most people attempting to shield Hip Hop and DL Hughley from criticism using the First Amendment haven't actually read the First Amendment. Today we'll explore the fact that most of these First Amendment Activists (FAAs) haven't actually read this site.

B. People who come on this site whining about the First Amendment haven't actually read my posts. Read every post. I have NEVER said that anybody, even the most vile, violent-prose spewing, misogynist Hip Hop artist should be arrested or fined for disrespecting and attacking Black women with their lyrics and videos.

We don't need the guv'ment to battle this War on Black Women. Black women and the men who love and care about them can drive this nonsense from the mainstream into the fringes where it belongs. We can do this by merely Defunding the foolishness and cutting off the spigot of corporate dollars that are subsidizing this mess. The First Amendment does not guarantee you the right to say whatever you want and get paid for it.

You see Hughley wuoldn't have called the Rutgers team nappyheaded and the ugliest women he had ever seen in his life on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno if he didn't want to engage in self promotion. This isn't about Hughley's love of the Constitution, based on his comments about the protesters, I doubt he has read the Constitution or the First Amendment he keeps dropping right and left in his own defense. This is about Hughley's need to prop up his floundering career. Shaving his head or wearing a short dress with no panties-a la Britney-won't work for a Black male comic ( I Hope). Instead, Hughley chose to attack a group of young Black women in order to get his "LOOK AT ME!" moment. When we called him out for it, he quickly trotted out the First Amendment a la Russey Simmons and the Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection.

Tomorrow I'll ( try to) post Part III of "The First Amendment Hypocrites." I'll tell you why people who try to hide behind the First Amendment to justify maligning Black women are COWARDS. Oh it is going to be a good one folks!

Speaking of Hypocrisy.... Y'all might recall a post I put up last month called "Poor Little Rich Boys" in which rappers 50 Cent and T.I. whined about all of the post-Imus criticism Hip Hop was receiving. Well Boo Hoo, pass a tissue. Anyway T.I. famously said that he didn't rely on Hip Hop to raise his kids, he was their "example" and he taught them right from wrong. Well apparently he is teaching them to get into fistfights at "upscale" (HA!) industry/charity events because he decided to punch out some record executive I ain't ever heard of, but he must be important because all the black gossip blogs are reporting on the fight. I wouldn't even be mentioning this if it didn't involve both T.I. , whose hypocrisy I have already outlined, but also Kevin Liles.

For those of you saying Kevin who? Exactly. The only reason his name popped out is because he was the guy on the Oprah Townhall meetings who had a hissy fit when Stanley Crouch called rappers " clowns." Liles stood out because he was supposed to be some type of record executive, but he was having a tantrum on national television. I distinctly remember the Dean of the Russell Simmons School of Obfuscation and Redirection giving Liles the sideeye during the tantrum on the Oprah show thinking " See, I can't take this fool nowhere" For those who didn't see the Oprah show, Liles was twisting in his chair as if to keep from lunging at Crouch, like a small child who has been placed in "time out" but wants to get out of the chair.

This is not mainstream behavior folks and to everyone who keeps championing Hip Hop as some kind of beacon to po' folks, the facts continue to say otherwise. But, but, but Gem, what about Lindsey Lohan, Britney, and PARIS HILTON? But, but, but this site isn't about them and their foolishness.