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Friday, October 19, 2007

Rally on the Viacom CEO's Front Lawn - Enough is Enough Campaign Heads to New York and The Week in Review

I thought this was going to be a rough week, but it ended up being quite eventful. Quite frankly i was driving around yesterday anticipating the podcast and I thought to myself "I am having the time of my life!"

The comments section has been humming all week in the aftermath of last week's WAOD podcast where Attorneymom took on Pastor Coates from the Enough is Enough campaign. That podcast was a marathon two hours. Poor Pastor Coates may NEVER return! But it was eventful.

Enough is Enough Rally Headed to NYC Saturday at NOON EST

Attorneymom got one of her wishes, Pastor Coates is taking the Enough is Enough Campaign to NYC to the home of Viacom's CEO Phillipe Dauman. Shecodes is definitely going and hopefully she will have some video or pictures for us. I believe that one of our resident critics brotherkomrad said he might drop in as well. All you folks who have been screaming the name of Viacom on this blog for months, here is your chance. They are meeting this Saturday at noon in Manhattan. You can find out more about the rally by going to the Enough is Enough Campaign website.

Be sure to read the Protest Do's and Don'ts over at Enough is Enough before heading out.

Week in Review

Reginald Hudlin Calls Pastor Coates a "Punk"- BET Hip Hop Awards a "Controlled Disaster"

Having clearly lost the use of his mental functions, Reginald Hudlin who is supposed to be some kind of television executive said the peaceful gathering of African American churchgoers outside the home of BET CEO, Debra Lee, was "a punk move." Well I can't WAIT to hear what Hudlin has to say about folks ringing the home of the Viacom CEO. Some of you might have missed that the AJC also quoted moi in their special called "The Rap on BET." In fact, thanks to Attorneymom, I just got a look at the actual newspaper and they used my quote "Vile Disgusting Depictions" as the title of one of the articles in the series. yes, Tyler Perry isn't the only person to have mastered subtlety (sic).

Universally, the BET Hip Hop Awards and their festivities , including appearances by two members of the Jena 6, have been panned. Blogger Sandra Rose actually called them a "controlled disaster":
Now that Monday is here, I think most will agree that this weekend's BET Hip Hop Awards was a controlled disaster. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong leading up to the big show. A few events were marred by violence including a shooting at an R&B event. And of course, T.I.'s arrest on weapons violations sent shock waves through the Awards show and the industry that are still being felt this morning. Sandra Rose
Here! Here! BET is just wishing that December 31st would get here already because 2007 has been a train wreck. Good news Reggie and Debster, Walgreens already has the holiday candy out so January is right around the corner

Tyler Perry's, "Why Did I Get Married" Wasn't Awful.

I did a mini review. It was way more entertaining than his previous efforts. I still had issues with his caricatures of Black women, but at least he appears to be trying. I guess the solution is for me to write my own screenplay and produce and direct it. I think my first movie will be "Get Those Church Folks Off My Lawn: The Debra Lee Story" starring Lamman Rucker.

Bill Cosby has a Book Out

Bill Cosby has been on a publicity tear promoting his new book, Come on People! Folks on this blog can't stop talking about it. The comments section is on fire. Read in the comments on how you can get a free copy of the book in the mail.

Dunbar Village Update - Defendants Trade Letters in Jail

We also had a post on the latest in the Dunbar Village case and the release of 1,200 pages of documents in the case. WAOD Contributor, Symphony of Essential Presence has her ear to the ground. We are not letting go of this.

Have a great weekend. Shecodes, please don't get locked up at the protest on Saturday. I am too far away to bail you out. Be safe and take good pictures.