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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Week in Review: Congressional Hearings, Nailah Franklin, Megan Williams, Return of the Podcast and Search Panelists and Contributors,

We began the week cramped in the middle seat of a Frontier Airlines flight bound for DC trapped behind a woman with three kids all under the age of four years-old and a seat mate that was obsessed with picking his nose (It really happened), but it was all worth it to be in the room for the dog and pony show that were the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Sub Committee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection hearing called "From Imus to Industry." I asked "who is looking out for Megan Williams in West Virginia?" I gave an update on the foolishness in Dunbar Village. We ended the week talking about Nailah Franklin. The AP reported that her body had been recovered. They apparently were premature ( DOLTS). BringNailahFranklinHome.com is asking folks to keep looking.

Liveblogging Lunacy in the People's House
I live blogged the shenanigans from inauspicious beginning to bitter end. There were three panels, Panel One, Entertainment Executives. Panel Two, Levell Crump's Pain, and Panel Three was the panel that they finally let the people affected get a word in edgewise. You can watch all of Panel Two (Master P, David Banner/Levell Crump, Prognostitute-in-Cheif- Michael Eric Dyson). You can listen to our commentary by going to the Black Women's Roundtable.
Return of the Black Women's Roundtable, Thursdays at 8PM CST
The Black Women's Roundtable is back every Thursday at 8PM CST. On our first show back from a two-month hiatus, we were graced with the presence of SheCodes, who rode the train down to meet me at the hearings. We dished all the behind the scenes foolishness that went on in the hearing room and out in the hall. You won't see this kind of commentary on CSPAN and we have context the Associated Press was too lazy to bother with. You can listen to the archived show from Thursday by clicking on the player at the top of the page or going to the podcast homepage and clicking on the archives.
Be A Guest on the Black Women's Roundtable
Speaking of the Black Women's Roundtable, we're looking for regular panelists for the show so if you have a Thursday available and want to weigh in on whatever we are talking about, jot over an email to whataboutourdaughters at gmail dot com. Place "PANELIST" as the first word in the subject line. I am looking for permanent panelists as well as folks to pop in on occasion.

Openings for Guest Contributors

We are opening up some new slots for guest contributors. My original guest contributors have been made moderators. They will still chime in, but they have their own blogs which keep them extremely busy and everyday i get more and more requests to cover new foolishness popping off in the Universe and there just isn't enough moi to go around. I am looking for people to cover the following stories; Megan Williams and Crimes against Black women. You will need to be BRIEF (250 words or less). Which should not be a problem because one of the neat things about blogging is that you link to source material so you just need to give the readers an idea of what is going on and provide a link where they can find more information. Also, you can't be boring. If people wanted dull, dry and unbiased, they wouldn't come to this blog. We will accept cross posts.

Wagging Finger of Shame Nominations and Voting
We're also accepting nominations for a weekly "WAOD Wagging Finger of Shame Award." Send in your nomination via e-mail put " NOMINATION" as the first word in your subject line. Nominations are due each week by Wednesday. Voting will take place on Thursday, and the winners will be announced on Fridays.

Blogging While Brown Registration Begins

If you love reading blogs or if you are a person of color that blogs, come on down to Atlanta for a Blogoshpere Family Reunion for Black and Brown bloggers and their readers. Blogging While Brown, the first international conference for bloggers of color will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, July 25-27, 2008. Early registration is now open. Learn more at Blogging While Brown.