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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Can YOU Do About "Hot Ghetto Mess"??

People have been commenting and e-mailing asking what they can do about Hot Ghetto Mess.

1. Mark July 26, 2007 on your calendar. If you've got some vacation to burn, take the day off.On July 26th, we will know which corporations are so morally bankrupt and obtuse that they would associate themselves with something called “ Hot Ghetto Mess.” BET is being tight lipped about which companies are foolish enough to sponsor this nonsense, but we’ll know on July26th for sure. I know for a fact that State Farm and the Home Depot said "no way."

2.You can call 1-888-CALL-FCC ( 1-888-225-5332) or you can contact the FCC online and tell them that you support something called cable choice. Currently every cable subscriber pays BET a fee whether you watch BET or not. Pull out your telephone book and look up the number for your United States Senators and United States Representative and let them know that you don’t want to subsidize BET’s programming anymore and would like to support a la carte cable. There is currently legislation pending that would allow you to only pay for the cable channels you actually want coming into your home. Right now it is all or nothing. There are some who say cable choice would spell the end of BET and cable programming diversity, but I say that if "Hot Ghetto Mess" is their idea of programming diversity. Good riddance!

3. Read some of our archived posts. We don’t just throw jabs at BET. We’ve targeted Iberia Airlines, DL Hughley, Akon, Russell Simmons, Michael Erick Dyson, the NAACP and other "civil rights" organizations , and our favorite Rev. Al. Some our noteworthy posts include the “First Amendment Hypocrites” parts I,II, III, and IV; “Should Hip Hop Be Eradicated?”; “ The End of Sharpton Watch”; and “ DL Hughley is Wrong”; and “Russell Simmons Says Rappers are like Jesus!” (Yes, he really did!) and " Russell Simmons Throws a Hissy Fit on NPR when Questioned about Misogyny in Music" We also feature grassroots organizations who are fighting in their own communities in combating the War on Black Women. Folks in Chicago and Minnesota and California and all over the world.

4. Keep watching this site. We post everyday and are monitoring the situation. We’ll be the first to let you know just which corporations are funding the War on Black Women. You can also catch us live each Saturday on our call-in talk show. If you have I-tunes, You can subscribe to the pod cast. Its called “ The Black Women’s Round Table” you can type it in the search box on I-tunes. Sometimes the words on this page don't quite relay the exact sentiment, but I think my intentions and feelings translate more accurately on the podcast.

You are not helpless. BET is not invincible. Change Begins with YOU. A single telephone call can make the difference.